69 days left


Now its only 69 days left to the big day! Wow! It took some time for me to write a new blog..

Lots things has happened since then.. Lots things still left to do.. After the last time I wrote a blog here Kristoffer got a new job, we bought a new house, I've got a nephew and today I got to know that my best friend Fuzz has got a baby.

The other day Fuzz called with a bad news. She said she can't be my bridesmade. She thinks she can't come because baby is still too small. I was really uppset. I had so much plans and hopes... But I undestand her too. Its not a close way to us.. Takes some hours.

The next day I talked to Randi. She is a wife of Roger and he is also a best man of Kristoffer. She gladly said that she can be my bridesmade. hi hi...

In this life I learned one motto which always helps me. Tomorrow will be a better day!!!

Good night everyone. Let us hope for a better day tomorrow :)