Relief! I bought my dress


Its a great feeling when you get the thing you always dreamed about. Ever since I was a little girl I had a dream about of my bridal dress. I always dreamed that it will be a gorgeous, cute dress that would make me to look like a princess.

Today I went with my friend to buy a dress in Strömstad. In fact, I was searching for some bridal stores in Norway. Heard about places in Halden and Fredrikstad. But I didn't like any of them. Too expensive, too bad service and the most important ugly dresses... So one day me and Krisoffer found Svahns Bröllop & Festkläder in Strömstad, the place I could recoment to everyone! They have different kinds of dresses for all occasions, a great service and nice prices :)

I met a wounderful person there. She is the owner of the store and she helped me so much with the dresses. But it was too hard to decide since I was all alone. So I told her that I'll come back.

Randi is the wife of Kristoffer's bestman. I knew that she would be the right person to help. She could see things that I didn't see and was honest. I'm so grateful both for Randi and the worker who helped me with all these dresses ;)

I'm really happy now because the dress is so me. But Kristoffer can't see it... hi hi