Important info for guests


This page contains important information for our guests

The wedding consists of two different arrangements.
8th July - Marriage ceremony and small celebration

9th July - Marrige celebration at Ekenäs Hotell - Koster

8th July - Halden - Ertehytta

At the 8th of July we'll arrange a small celebration for our nearest family. If you're invited, you'll find a special note in your invitation. The marriage ceremony will take place at Halden District Court. After the ceremony we'll celebrate at the Erte Cottage.

Get to Halden
From Oslo: Follow the E6 towards Gothenburg and take the exit no. 2 towards Halden.
From Gothenburg: Tollow the E6 Fowards Oslo and take exit no.2 at the Norwegian side towards Halden.

Parking in Halden
There is a big parking space at the square downtown. If you choose to drive to the Erte Cottage, we recommend parking here. Feel free to contact us for further information about parking.

Get to the Erte Cottage
We'll arrange transport for our guests from the district court to the cottage and back to Halden after the celebration. If you choose to drive to the Erte Cottage, follow road 21 towards Tistedal. After some kilometers you will see a white sign saying Sportshytte. You may drive all the way to the cottage and park there. 

Sleeping in Halden
There are several accommodations in Halden. We recommend Kasserna and Fredriksten Camping as the cheapest accommodations. These places are situated at the Fredriksten Fortress where you'll also get a great view over the city. Please note that taxi might be needed if you want to go downtown without your own car.

If you wish to live downtown, we'll recommend Thon Hotel Halden. This new hotel is situated at the harbor.

Please note that we haven't reserved any accommodations in Halden.

For further information, please see our page about accommodations in Halden.

9th July - The Koster Islands - Ekenäs

At the 9th of July we'll arrange our big wedding party. The party will be situated at Ekenäs Hotell at South Koster. The Koster Islands is a national park in the idyllic archipelago outside Strömstad.

Get to Koster
It is not possible to drive to the Koster Islands. We recommend that you park your car at the Color Line Termial (Free parking after 15:00). From the parking space you may walk to the northern harbor, where the Koster boat approaches. The walk will usually take approximately 15 minutes. Click at the map to see the way to the koster boat. The Koster boat is approaching different harbors at both North and South Koster. You will get off at Ekenäs harbor.

Map over Strömstad CityMap over Strömstad City

To get to the Color Line terminal, follow the signs towards E18 Sandefjord when you get to Strömstad. For further information, please see our page for travellers.

We strongly advise you to buy one way ticket at the ticket automat at the Harbor in Strömstad. It is also possible to buy tickets on board, but please note that the staff only accept cash. You may use both Norwegian and Swedish Kroner at the boat.

We reccommend the following departures from Strömstad the 9th of July:

Departure from Strömstad 11:00 12:05 12:30 13:45 14:30
Approach Ekenäs 11:30 12:40 13:25 14:25 15:15

For the journey home we'll recommend the following approaches from Ekenäs at the 10th of July:

Departure  Ekenäs 09:35 11:30 12:40 13:25 14:25 15:15 16:15 17:05
Approach Strömstad 10:20 12:25 13:30 14:00 15:15 16:00 17:05 18:00

Complete schedual for the Koster boat

Accommodations at Koster
All guests needs accommodations at the island. We have reservert rooms at Ekenäs Hotell for our guests. For booking, please call the hotell at +46 526 202 50 BEFORE 8th of june and say you're reserving for the wedding.

For more info, please refer to our pabe about accommodations at Koster.

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